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Thread: New idea for GS including SAC

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    Default New idea for GS including SAC

    I came up with a different deal.... This makes a whole lot of sense.

    Golden State gets:

    Kevin Martin 4 yr, $44.24M

    Sacramento gets:

    Troy Muphy 2 yr, $23.02M
    TJ Ford 2 yr, $17.00M (second year is player option at $8.5M)
    Indiana 2010 Second Rounder

    Indiana gets:

    Monta Ellis 5 yr, $55.00M
    Kenny Thomas 1 yr, $8.78M

    Golden State swaps their PG for a SG which frees up playing time for Stephen Curry at PG. This saves them an extra $11M, but to not take a decrease in talent to get rid of an unhappy player and allow your best young player flourish, it is icing on the cake.

    Sacramento moves Tyreke Evans to SG, which is his natural position and brings in TJ to backup Beno Udrih, being the scoring PG off the bench that he should be. Sacramento is looking to reduce payroll and has been shopping Kenny Thomas all over the place and this deal saves them $13M, assuming TJ opts into his contract, $21.5 if he opts out. They will be under the cap with 14 players under contract after this deal for next year. Murphy is a complementary player to their young front court for a year and a half and they get rid of Kevin Martin who has been oft injured. A good trade for a team looking to go young and cheap.

    For Indiana, we bring in a young and much better PG by taking on an additional $23M in salary overall, without destroying our cap flexibility in 2011. We get rid of a big contract for next year, which will be our tough spot financially, and this deal alleviates that pressure on our front office for next year's cap. We give up two players that don't really fit our team with large contracts and get a centerpiece for our future. I know we are asking a lot by taking on the extra salary, but most of that salary comes 4 and 5 years from now and we would spend that on someone young and talented anyway. We might not be able to get as talented a free agent in 2011 as we would have the opportunity to get here.

    PG - Ellis, Watson, Price, Deiner
    SG - Rush, D. Jones, Head
    SF - Granger, Dunleavy
    PF - Hansborough, Thomas, McRoberts
    C - Hibbert, S. Jones, Foster

    Add in our PF/C 2010 First round draft pick to solidify our front court, and we look pretty good for the future.

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    Default Re: New idea for GS including SAC

    I think Sacramento would look for (and probably get) better offers than that for Martin.

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    Default Re: New idea for GS including SAC

    If Dun has a good year, switch him and Murphy in the trade at least. You'd have to throw in a BRush or DJones in their too to even make this deal possible at all. Why does GS pursue Kevin Martin? If he's oft-injured, why would a rebuilding team need him? I would love Ellis very much here with the Pacers, but then all we have to work with in trades is Troy Murphy (or Dunleavy, in your case), and our young players, and we'd have to hope that this team can compete for a championship. I don't know if a Hibbert, Ellis, Granger trio can get it done.
    "I keep wondering the same thing. Last week they had the 4th worst record in the league, had an 11.9 percent chance of winning the lottery and were in line to land a franchise type player like Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins. This week? They have a 1.7 percent chance of winning the lottery, have the 8th worst record and are in line to draft Cole Aldrich or Greg Monroe. Way to go Jim O'Brien. Rest Danny Granger the rest of the season (if it isn't too late) and give Josh McRoberts lots of minutes. That ought to do it." - Chad Ford on winning meaningless games

    Way to go Jim, you may have just put our franchise back another 4+ years.

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