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    Is there a device, a "booster" I guess you could call it. That could turn non-HD cable channels into HD? Legally, of course. Like, if I had Uverse and thought it was stupid of them to charge me extra for HD in each room. Can a person pay for regular cable and filter it through something that converts it to HD on their own? Probably not. I'm just trying to get a conversation going. I got rid of cable a couple of years ago, which I'm happy with, but I have to have Fox Sports for the Pacers this year. I'm hoping that PlayStation Vue makes it here in the next couple of months and they broadcast Pacer games.

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    Can't be done. Non HD channels are broadcast at a lower resolution than HD channels. Their video is 480 lines interlaced., which means the lines (picture) is drawn on the screen in an alternating pattern of odd/even line numbers. HD is broadcast at the lowest resolution of 720 lines ( more commonly now at 1080 lines) of progressive scan resolution. Progressive scan simply means the lines are drawn on the screen in order, instead of alternating odd/even lines. So, not only is the picture made up of more lines, they are presented more "smoothly".

    To boil it down, you can't add something that isn't in the original signal.

    Now, if you are on cable, and use a cable box, try this. Bypass the box and run a line directly into your TV. Do a channel scan. If you TV is HD capable, there is a chance you might get some of the higher resolution feeds that are being blocked by the box. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. The only other thing might be to set your TV's resolution to 480P. That may "de-interlace" the picture and make it appear smoother.

    Hope all that helps. Good luck.

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