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    OK - the Pacers have made their qualifying offer to Jack. Now, apparently they are waiting to see what other offers he might get and it's their choice to match it or not.

    That said - what's the timeframe on this ?? How long is the qualifying offer good for ?? Can they pull it off the table at a given time ?? What's the last date another team can come in with another offer ?? Once (if) Jack gets another offer, how long do the Pacers have to mull it over and either match or not ??

    In advance - thanks.

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    In order to make their free agent a restricted free agent, a team must submit a qualifying offer to the player by June 30. This prevents the team from not offering a contract and waiting to swoop in when the player tries to sign elsewhere. The qualifying offer ensures that the team does not gain the right of first refusal without also offering a contract themselves. The amount of the qualifying offer for players on rookie "scale" contracts is based on the player's draft position (see question number 41). The qualifying offer for all other players must be for 125% of the player's previous salary, or the player's minimum salary (see question number 11) plus $175,000, whichever is greater. The qualifying offer must be for one season. A player can elect to accept his qualifying offer (the qualifying offer must be accepted by March 1) and play the following season under its terms. This is sometimes done in order to become an unrestricted free agent the following summer (see question number 38).

    A qualifying offer cannot be accepted after March 1. Teams may place a shorter time limit on their qualifying offer, specifying any date between October 1 and March 1 by which it must be accepted. If the deadline passes and the qualifying offer is neither withdrawn nor accepted, then the player continues to be a restricted free agent. The team and player are also still free to negotiate a new contract after the qualifying offer ends -- the deadline only affects the player's ability to accept the qualifying offer.

    Teams may also withdraw an outstanding qualifying offer in which case the player becomes unrestricted. This happened with Toronto and Keon Clark in 2002. The qualifying offer cannot be withdrawn after July 23 without the player's approval.

    The Pacers would have 7 days to match if JJ signs an offer sheet with another team.

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    Default Re: Question about contract offers

    So, this could drag out for a while depending on the wording of the offer.

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