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Thread: Yeah, I got a complaint

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    Default Yeah, I got a complaint

    I have my thread deleted in the one forum that might even be acceptable for non-sports related news because it's to political. What kind of trash is this? I can't talk about politics because it's to serious? Okay, that's fine, thats why I included a feed to Rocky IV. But apparently that's still to serious. Whatever.

    I've been here for five years and just had the owner of the site **** on me by deleting my thread and insulting me. If thats what I get for trying to have an actual conversation about US and Russian relations, then **** it. I'm outta here. I'm sure this thread will be deleted too.

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    Default Re: Yeah, I got a complaint

    See ya. It's been a rule for a while now. If it insults you this badly, then PD obviously isn't for you.

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