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Thread: FAs: So who is left?

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    Default FAs: So who is left?

    An awful lot of my "first choices" have been scooped up. So who's still out there? Are they worth pursuing?

    I note that S.Jackson and E.Dampier are both still available (coincident? no!) I like Jackson ok, but I think we'd be better off sticking with our current rotation than adding "Stone Hands" Dampier to the mix. At the very least, it allows Harrison the possibility of minutes.

    Are there any other free agents out there that would be worthwhile additions to our beloved Pacers? Are we going to see offseason improvement from this team?
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    Default Re: FAs: So who is left?

    I still would like to get Stephen Jackson. Barry sounds OK, but I've heard he's getting at least the MLE, so it's probably not worth it.

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    Default Re: FAs: So who is left?

    I'd like to see a Damon Jones or Bob Sura but I think we are more likely to get Travis Best or Jacque Vaughn.

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    Default Re: FAs: So who is left?

    At this point, let's just sign Jackson and call it an off-season. That may be enough to get us over the hump next year.

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    The way its going right now, Jackson is going to get like 30 mil a year(sarcasism). He will be out of our price range though. Damon JOnes is a great point guard, high assist per turnover ratio and had like 17 assists in a game. I dont know how much he will cost, but he might cost to much to.

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