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Thread: Where is the integrity of this forum.

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    Angry Where is the integrity of this forum.

    I can't believe you shut down the Larry Bird thread about choosing players based on race.

    1. That was a positive article on the issue. By shutting down the thread you have given power to the negativity of such an issue.
    2. That thread was about a legit article written by our own local columnist, published in one of the biggest national papers. It could have led to some decent discussion on the issue.
    3. The article featured the president of the team this very forum is all about.
    4. The article is relevant to current events surrounding the team.

    This shows a huge lack of integrity on your part. The idea that it is for the betterment of the forum is hogwash and a total hypocrisy. You just don't want to ruffle any feathers. People throwout racial slurs or culturally charged statements everyday on this forum. "Animal Krackers"? How about the draft thread where people posted "high basketball IQ = white player". Or how about the 2-3 years of this team is nothing but a bunch of Thug gangsters, or we need to get rid of a certain element on this team. We all knew what that really meant. Hundreds of threads on that. So why close this thread now.

    Grow up PD. We are mostly adults on this forum ya know.

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    Default Re: Where is the integrity of this forum.

    You've been here since 2006. You've had tons of opportunities to read our explanations to know where we're coming from and why we do the things that we do. I suggest you go back and read some of them. Start with the Rules of PD.

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