If you haven't gotten your mail yet, odds are you're in for a big surprise. There are some, IMO, fairly major changes to seating prices. Some prices are going way up, while others are going way down.

I wish I could post this new seating map, but I don't have a scanner. The letter states that they're letting us know before the general public.

It goes on to say that 56% of tickets will be increased (by an average of 9.7%). Which, of course means that 44% will stay the same, or go down.

I'm gonna try and break this all down, but so much has changed, I'm having a hard time keeping it all straight. It's more than just the prices changing, because parts of sections have changed price levels as well.

$230/$250 on baseline, $150 behind basket
$120/$175 on baseline, $150 behind basket
$94/$96 (club level)
$92/$108 on baseline, $150 behind basket
$72/$74 (club level)
$69/$75 in corner, $150 behind basket
$60/$62 (club level)
$45/$45 or $30 (sec. 207, 210, 223, 226)
$32/$30 on baseline, $20 in corners
$18/$30 on baseline, $20 behind basket, $10 in corners

That's the best I can figure it out, comparing the chart I have to the one on Conseco: http://www.consecofieldhouse.com/pacersseatingchart.asp

As to be expected, for the most part people in the lower level got screwed, while many people in the balcony are either decreasing a little or a lot. For example, I'm not sure where in 222 Jay sits, but either way, he made off like a bandit (surely to combat his ever increasing gas bills.)

That's it. I'm sure this will go public in the next week or two.

[edit]Note, these are season ticket prices only. The last couple years, PS&E has moved towards these prices being slightly lower than per-game pricing. You can note the difference on the link above, which last year looks to be either $5, $2, or $0, depending on the price level.
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