First off Jack would need to be resigned before I would even think about this.

TJ Ford for Marvin Williams of the Hawks (sign and trade)
This would give us a great young wing rotation and get rid of Ford which seems to be popular on this forum. It would give the hawks a decent PG which they seem to need.

a 4 team trade (very realistic I know ) with NYK, Cle, and Den
Pacers send
Troy Murphy 11mil

Pacers Receive
Ty Lawson 1.9 mil (once he is signed)
Steven Hunter 3.7 mil
Jared Jeffries 6.5 mil

We get Lawson to learn behind JJ and some filler that will save a little bit of money over Murphy in the next few years. Plus it would force JOB to play Hans and McBob more at PF.

Cleveland sends
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 11.5 mil

Cleveland receives
Troy Murphy 11 mil

this makes sense to a lot of people...... I think so anyway.

New York sends
Chris Duhon 6 mil
Jared Jeffries 6.5 mil

New York receives
Zydrunas Ilgauskas 11.5 mil

they unload one of their hindering contracts in Jeffries and improve themselves talent wise as well.

Denver sends
Steven Hunter 3.7 mil
Ty Lawson 1.9 mil

Denver receives
Chris Duhon 6 mil

since Denver is a title contending team Duhon is a much better option than Lawson and is low risk since he is in the last year of his deal.

Maybe the Pacers don't get enough back in the trade, I was trying the make the trade make more sense for the other teams. But the deal would give us a potential starting PG and more financial flexibility.

Both deals would leave the roster like this
PG: Jack / Lawson
Wings: Granger / Rush / Williams
PF: Hansbrough / McRoberts
C: Hibbert / Foster