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Thread: NBA Summer League "Careers in Sports" Conference

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    Default NBA Summer League "Careers in Sports" Conference

    This year i'm blessed with the opportunity to actually go to Las Vegas

    and watch the entire summer league games(though unfortunate that

    pacers are not comming) and i wanted to make sure this opportunity worth

    every single penny and meaningful, so i was checking out for other

    programs and found this.

    2 day schedule of meeting with nba related personnels without any food

    offered and i don't know whether because my english is short but i don't

    exactly get the theme or what i get to hear or learn throughout the

    conference. and the price is, hanging in balance which is either could be a

    total waste of money or opportunity which i don't really get often. it's $150

    so pacers fans please through in some idea's.

    P.S and i was curious if there is any part time job or volunteer work there

    for me in the vegas summer league, so i mailed the NBA about it. it's been a while but i'm

    not getting any response. i would like to call them but the office hour in

    the states would be 1 to 7 a.m in south korea and i don't know where to

    call. so if there is anyone kind enough to ask this simple question for me i

    would be very much grateful. thanks for reading
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