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Thread: Proof that the Grizzlies have one of the worst FO in the league - ZBO to Grizz

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    Default Re: Proof that the Grizzlies have one of the worst FO in the league - ZBO to Grizz

    I think Z-Bo may surprise some people this year. I think he has something to prove, at least that was the impression I got when I saw him about a month ago. But Memphis has some nice young pieces and a starting lineup of:

    Conley, Jaric
    Mayo, Buckner
    Gay, Warrick, Carroll
    Randolph, Arthur
    Thabeet, Gasol, Hadaddi

    Memphis could definitely use a backup point. This opens up space for Griffin in LA with:

    Baron, Taylor
    Gordon, Davis
    Thornton, Richardson
    Griffin, Jordan
    Kaman, Camby

    As far as the trade, you have to look at it from the whole point of view. Memphis traded Gasol for 2 first round picks, Brown and Javaris. They also signed Darko outright, who was later traded for Richardson. Plus, Javaris was later traded to Washington into what amounted as a future first round pick for Memphis. So the Z-Bo deal boils down to:

    Gasol for 3 first round picks, Z-Bo and cap room in Kwame Brown. Granted the picks are later on, but the Grizzlies need help and can stockpile young talent and let them all grow together.

    And then just shows that anyone can be traded in the NBA regardless of the stigma attached.

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