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Clearing the way for No. 1 pick Blake Griffin, the Clippers have agreed to trade power forward Zach Randolph to Memphis for former Clipper Quentin Richardson, The Times learned today.

Because of salary-cap rules, the deal can't be completed until next week.
If this is true....and the Grizz Owners truly did object to making an offer to David Lee at $10 mil a year for 5 years....and then turn around and accepted QRich for ZBo....then the Grizzlies FO is one of the worst in the league.

On paper.....ZBo is a solid scoring and rebounding Forward...but he's not the smartest players in the league. But I guess playing next to Thabeet.....his defensive liabilities won't look so bad.

Also.....the Clips did something impossible......they found a Team willing to take on ZBo.