Theres an article in the Indy Star regarding the press conference that Bird held this afternoon:

Pacers president of basketball operations Larry Bird held a press conference on Monday to discuss the team's plans in Thursday's NBA Draft.

"You have to see what happens in front of you, usually there's some guys that slide, and there's some holes we have to fill," Bird said. "We need bigs and we need a point guard and we need a wing player. We'll probably take the best player available."

Bird hinted that he would prefer to select a player that has played a few seasons in college, which could rule out Brandon Jennings or Jrue Holiday. He also said there are four players that he is looking at, and figures that three will be available at thirteen.

He added that the team would love to trade up and get the No. 5 pick, but that they aren't in position to do so financially. However, adding another second round selection is a possibility.

"We have some options to do some things," Bird said. "You never really know until it gets up to the draft. We'll have some opportunities to do some things. If you can do some things and get two players that can help you, you'll have to look at it. There's a lot of things we're mulling over."
By Mike Wells
Indy Star