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Thread: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

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    Default Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    Don't know that it has been asked but what do you guys think of him?

    As much as I like Brewer i'll take Fisher.

    Fisher has won championships, so + expierence and is a good shooter. Makes a good backup but he can start/step up unlike Anthony Johnson. [Nothing against AJ though.]

    If we can sign Jackson and Fisher this would be better than any star we could get.

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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    I know so many people on this board are anti-Fisher, but I'd like to see us go after him. I think he'd be the perfect backup for Tins and would provide some great shooting as well as clutch play. I think ee would probally thrive the most if he was on the floor with Jones, Bender, and O'Neal.
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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    Would he play backup to Tinsley?
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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    He played backup to GP...

    And who knows, he could play his way onto the starting lineup if he plays well enough.

    I would welcome Derek to the team.

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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    Jay's_Dad@Section222 thinks Fisher should be the Pacers' top priority, for exactly the reasons rommie and ns mentioned above.

    Its been so long since we've seen Fisher apart from the Triangle that I don't remember whether he's a good 'true PG' or not. Regardless, I think he'd be a very good combo guard for the Pacers, a la Brent Barry. And we did pretty good the last time we signed a guard from the Lakers with championship experience.
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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    I like Fisher, he provides great intangibles.

    But just a word of caution. Beware of role players who have been on championship teams. Remember when the Bulls broke up and their former role players tried to contribute but generally stunk. Also look at the former Jazz players who looked good in that system and next to Stockton and Malone, but when they were on their own other places, they failed miserably

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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?


    I like him, but I agree with Unclebuck. I've got a hunch he won't be quite as good without Shaq and Kobe around. And it'd probably take a sign and trade to get those two.
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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    Please no Fisher... He is a flopping machine. He can't create his own shot, and is not a playmaker. He is only good for hitting clutch open shots. And we already Reggie.

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    Default Re: Anyone like Derek Fisher?

    For a backup PG, sure why not.

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