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Thread: "Best Available" Lists

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    Default "Best Available" Lists

    I don't know how much action this will get, but after reading all the analysis and reports that have been posted around here, I'm curious as to what everyone's "Best Available" list looks like. This isn't a mock draft. This is simply a list of you who feel has the best combination of skill and potential. Who will be the best pro?

    With a week to go before the draft, I've decided to put together my own list. Unless something major occurs such as an injury or something, I doubt there will be many changes. Feel free to critique, question, and discuss my list. I look forward to seeing other lists to see where our opinions may differ.

    RankBest Available
    1Blake Griffin
    2Ricky Rubio
    3James Harden
    4Tyreke Evans
    5Jordan Hill
    6Jrue Holiday
    7Stephen Curry
    8Brandon Jennings
    9Hasheem Thabeet
    10Jonny Flynn
    11DeJuan Blair
    12DeMar DeRozan
    13James Johnson
    14Gerald Henderson
    15Earl Clark
    16Ty Lawson
    17Terrence Williams
    18Jeff Teague
    19Tyler Hansbrough
    20Chase Budinger
    21B.J. Mullins
    22Eric Maynor
    23Austin Daye
    24DaJuan Summers
    25Sam Young
    26Omri Casspi
    27Patrick Mills
    28Wayne Ellington
    29Derrick Brown
    30Darren Collison
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    Default Re: "Best Available" Lists

    I can see a few things wrong already. 1. Thabeet should be much higher. He's better than Roy and will IMHO be better for the career. Should start wherever he goes. Can't miss with him you know what your getting all 7'3". Griffin, same way but you have him No #1.

    Blair is the real sleeper of the draft, he could be at least the 2nd best player taken 5-6 years from now just because of the way he played Thabeet.

    Hansbrough will be good, but not great and who ever takes him will get a good player for many years.

    Rubio could be the next Milicic.
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    Default Re: "Best Available" Lists

    Thabeet is actually a very poor "basketball" player. He has athleticism and size, but when it comes to actually playing the game well, he doesn't do much of it. It was evident when he got completely dominated by Blair, who is 9 inches shorter than him.

    A lot of these players could move up or down the list because of situations, possible injuries, etc. I composed the list based on the most likely scenario. Seeing as how a player's particular situation determines much of their development, it's nearly impossible to make an accurate list. You can only judge the information you have beforehand.

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