I will very shortly put out the poll for the 2000 players to be voted on but wanted to update you on what we have so far for the worst starters for both the 80s and 90s for your Indiana Pacers.


Guard---Jerry Sichting
Forward---Clemon Johnson (it is a tie with you guys but chicagoJ would kill me if i did not include hiim)
Center---Tom Owens
Coach---Dick Versace (currently a tie with irvine but again refer to ChicagoJ)


Guard---Travis Best
Forward---Sam Mitchell
Center---Greg Dreiling
Coach---Bob Hill

Again I will be putting up the rest of the players to be voted on for 2000s in a minute and i will alllow voting to go on through the end of tomorrow night. then I will break it down to 80s, 90s, and 2000 nominees to be voted on and then we will have our past 30 year all time worst pacers nominated!