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Thread: Pacer Superheroes?

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    Default Pacer Superheroes?

    Danny Granger: Batman
    BRush: Robin
    Artest: The Joker
    Reggie: Superman
    TJ: Flash
    David Harrison: Hulk
    Dunleavy: Daredevil
    Roy: Beast or Collosus?
    JJack: Wolverine
    Murph: Cyclops

    Feedback? Others?

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    Default Re: Pacer Superheroes?

    Dale Davis as the Thing perhaps?

    I fully expect Brandon to become a very good Robin to Granger's Batman, but I wouldn't say that he's the second best player on the team. At least not yet.

    And no matter how much I love Reggie, nothing about his game really seems Superman-like. It's hard to think of another superhero for him though. Green Arrow?
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    That'll do.

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    Default Re: Pacer Superheroes?

    Reggie would be Batman with the way he dominated Gotham City.
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