TJ.Ford, T.Diener, #13, '10 2nd
J.Crawford, B.Wright, #7

GS gets 2 needed PG's (TD thru t/y, TJ w/ PO after t/y) w/o long term commitments ($ of '10?) that also fits GS's style. GS also can get TWill (rumor: if thats who they like) or another solid player @ 13 at a lower price. Ellis is now free to play SG - a better fit for all.

IN gets a M.Daniels-type sub (less "D" but better scorer) who can play the 1/2/3 & be a solid sub while Dun recovers, & adds a young PF w/ upside. IN almost assures themselves the ability to get either Evans or Holiday @ 7. Both JC & Wright fit IN's 2011 expiring contract plan.