Daniels (pick up option and include)



I have read comments about people thinking and wanting other PF options that may be available. There are two problems though... 1) We don't have the ammo to aquire Amare or Brand. 2) Camby is getting old Lee is much younger. 3) We may be able to get Lee for less than expected because Knicks want to clear cap.

IND- can move Murph to C and start Lee at PF. Not very strong defensively, but not as bad as you think considering we also have Granger/Rush to help. We will rebound and run the court better IMO after this deal. Giving up #13 isn't so bad since we won't get the desired young PF.

NYK- get a role player in Foster, get an expiring to clear a little bit of 2010 salary, and can combine #13 and #8 if looking to move up. Also, leaves the door open for signing Gortat with the MLE (which the Knicks are much more likely landing spot than the Pacers).

I think this deal makes a lot of sense. I'de be willing to throw in a protected future 1st as well if IND had to.