Another version of the same idea I tried a few days ago to discuss.

Indiana trades TJ Ford, the rights to Erazem Lorbek, and 2009 second round pick to Minnesota

Minnesota trades Brian Cardinal, draft picks #18 and #28 in the 2009 draft to Indiana

Why for Minnesota: Gets a legitimate NBA starting point guard with experience. Gets rid of Cardinals salary in 2009-2010. Lorbek is a sweetener.

Why for Indiana: Pacers get 2 late first round picks to help build their roster. By keeping #13 and adding the later picks, the Pacers can take a point guard at #18 to replace Ford, and take another position player at #13. Cardinal has an expiring deal, which can be used as a trade chip during the season or to help save us money in 2010-2011. This also clearly gives the starting job to Jarrett Jack (assuming that we are sure we are going to re-sign him).

Thoughts for both teams perspectives please.