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Thread: 2009 PD Forum Awards - Pacers Post of the Year

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    Remember the situation of the MagicRat post? There was lengthy argument that Murphy steals rebounds from his fellow Pacers...he does it all the, he doesn't...yes,he does...he is a stat he isn't...yes he is... on and on.

    Then MagicRat went to the effort of combining the video of each clip of each of Murphy's rebounds from the Bulls game, include one particular rebound (at 1:01) when he'd been particularly accused of ripping the ball out of Ford's hands.

    Well, the MagicRat video gave us all a clear, shared view of what we were talking about. Magic Rat didn't just post another opinion -- he provided clear decisive evidence and let us all realize for ourselves.

    Anyway: We learned more from a one-minute video, than we ever learned in school.

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