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    Default Sacramento Ideas

    #1 - Tinsley for Nocioni

    The Pacers take on salary but get a hard-nosed 3/4 who would fit well in O'Brien's system. This would allow the Kings to have a decent PG rotation with Tinsley and Udrih and they wouldn't be forced to draft a PG.

    #2 - Ford, #13 for Nocioni, #4, and #23

    The Kings get a PG and get rid of Nocioni, who really has no place on their roster. The Pacers take on 2 extra years of salary, but we get a decent player, a much better draft pick, and an extra late first.
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    Default Re: Sacramento Ideas

    I'd jump all over the second one. I'd even throw in a 2nd round draft pick or two. Doubt that Sactown would bite on this one though....
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    Default Re: Sacramento Ideas

    I like the #2 scenario better but I doubt Sacramento bites on either.

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    Default Re: Sacramento Ideas

    The 2nd one would be amazing for us, but Sac would never do it. They do need a PG, but I think they'll draft Jenning or Evans
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