I haven't actually posted anything UFC at this site before. I've been a big fan for a long time and regularly write up previews to the PPV. I like to see how close I am to being right. Anyways, I hope anyone who appreciates the UFC appreciates what I've written.

I do all my records according to Sherdog, who I know aren't exactly correct, but they're much easier to access than other sites.

David Kaplan (2-2) vs. George Roop (8-4)

Diamond Dave Kaplan comes into this fight with a UFC record of 0-1. In his last fight, he succumb to a Junie Browning arm bar in the 2nd round. Kaplan has a solid chin, good striking power. He must improve his submission defense if he hopes to make much of himself in the professional rankings. Could benefit from some seasons in lower MMA organizations, like the WEC.

George Roop comes into this fight with an 0-1 UFC record, losing his last fight by Split Decision to Shane Nelson. Roop has decent hands and heart. There are concerns about his overall skill, such as his ground game. Against lesser opponents, he's had good success on the ground, but is it UFC level?

Prediction: I'm going to go with David Kaplan. I think his problem in his last two fights stemming from TUF and TUF finale is that he's had to go up against Phillipe Nover and Junie Browning, two fighters who have alot of potential. I don't think Roop has that much potential, and overall isn't very skilled, while Kaplan has good wrestling, his submission defense could spell trouble, seeing as it isn't that good. I'd say he should have an advantage against someone like George Roop, who could be controlled on the ground and doesn't have a strong chin, which should open up Kaplan's wrestling and powerful hands on the ground.

I'm going with a TKO, round 3, Kaplan wins.

Brandon Wolff (7-3) vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida (10-3)

Brandon Wolff comes into this fight with a UFC record of 0-1. After taking a beating from Ben Saunders, losing via TKO (knee) in the first round, Wolff will look to return strong against UFC vet, Yoshida. Wolff has good hands, and trains with BJ Penn in Hawaii. Not known much as a ground fighter, Wolff's camp should keep him fluid in BJJ. His takedown defense might be his greatest hurdle in this bout. His weak chin might also be a concern of his.

Yoshiyuki Yoshida comes into this bout with a UFC record of 1-1. Yoshida is highly reguarded for his judo. Also in his ansenol are good hands and good jiu-jitsu. Concerns for him would be his chin, after being brutally knocked out by Koscheck, which was a first in his career.

Prediction: Yoshida is a real talent. That fight against Koscheck made him look bad, but ultimately his track record suggest a much different reality. Yoshida's takedown's are very good, as is his top control. He has good hands and usually a good defense against strikes. His loss to Koscheck was a reflection of his gameplan to focus on stopping takedowns, losing sight of Koscheck's striking. Against Wolff, his homework is much more simple, which is why I'm going to pick him to win a close bout, that comes down to his takedowns and top control.

Yoshida, via decision.

Andre Gusmao (5-1) vs. Krzysztof Soszynski (17-8-1)

Andre Gusmao comes into this fight with an 0-1 UFC record, with his last fight being a loss via decision to Jon Jones. Gusmao has good power in both of his hands, and is well versed in grappling and submission. Question marks would be his conditioning and take-down defense.

Krzysztof comes into this bout with a UFC record of 2-0. After TUF, Krzysztof has had back-to-back victories via Kumara, the latest victim being highly reguarded former WEC LHW Champion, Brian Stann. Krzysztof has developed a successful ground game to compliment is unorthodoz striking. Questions would be his conditioning and jiu-jitsu defense against seasoned BJJ vets, like Gusmao.

Prediction: It's a tough call to make, Krzysztof didn't spend alot of time in the gym before taking on another fight, making back-to-back PPV appearances. I admire that, but question it at the same time. If Krzysztof is healthy, this fight could be his, but it's not all on his health. Can he withstand an opponent that can take him down? Can he survive on the ground against someone with BJJ credentials? I'm going to give this one to Krzysztof based on his improvements and that I think he'll be more than ready to stuff a take-down attempt made by Gusmao. I think it'll be a longer fighter, with much of the fight standing up.

Krzysztof via decision.

Kyle Bradley (13-6) vs. Phillipe Nover (5-1-1)

Kyle Bradley comes into this fight with a UFC record of 0-2. The proverbial noose is around his neck, after 2 disappointing fights that resulted in knock out, (one being a 33 second loss to Chris Lytle) Bradley faces a very tough task in keeping his UFC career affloat, and toppling the promising Phillipe Nover. Bradley's strengths are his strong, quick strikes. There are growing concerns about Bradley's chin, after 2 straight KO losses.

Phillipe Nover comes in with a UFC record of 0-1. After losing in TUF to Efrain Escudero in his last fight, Nover looks to bank on the praise of Dana White and many fans, who see his ability to finish fights, crisp striking, and overall well-rounded game as an inside look to a future superstar in MMA. Nover has questionable wrestling abilities.

Prediction: This is a tough fight for Bradley. I believe in Nover, who has those quick hands and a very good ability to finish his opponents off. I think Nover's explosiveness will be on display against Bradley, who really has no edge in this fight.

Nover via KO, first round.

Pat Berry (4-0) vs. Tim Hague (9-1)

Pat Berry comes into this fight with a UFC record of 1-0. After his debut performace against Dan Evensen (TKO from leg kicks, first round), Berry will look to repeat his performance against another legit heavyweight in Tim Hague. Berry has crisp standup with elite leg kicks. Because none of his fights have gone to the ground and his arsenol based around kickboxing, you have to wonder how he'll fair on the ground. Solid chin.

Tim Hague will be making his UFC debut. Hague is a hulking man standing at 6'4, weighing over 265. Hague has brutal power and can max out his bench press at nearly 500. His hands are brutally powerful and his chin is very strong. He has good takedowns, but only moderate wrestling ability. His conditioning is a concern, as he's not exactly ripped and he's shown in the past a vulnerability in latter rounds of fights from exhaustian, often showing in his striking which becomes wild and sloppy, and turns into him dropping his hands completely.

Prediction: Berry has great striking, like I've said. Hague has good takedowns, as he has shown in the past. If he takes Berry down, then this could spell trouble. However, Hague doesn't have great conditioning, and I don't think he can stop Berry. The first round should be competitive, but Berry's striking eventually will wear Hague down, especially those leg kicks.

Berry, via TKO Round 2.

Brock Larson (25-2) vs. Chris Wilson (14-5)

Brock Larson comes into this fight with a 2-1 UFC record. In his last outting, he took out highly reguarded Jesse Saunders early in the first round with a rear naked choke. Larson's strengths are his wrestling and conditioning. He often wears out opponents with his wrestling, and possesses a good submission aresenol to completment him. Questions about his abilities are his striking, which isn't necessarily a weakness, but not something he often uses on his feet.

Chris Wilson comes into this fight with a UFC record of 1-2. Wilson suffered a controversial loss to John Howard in his last outting. In his 3 fights, he has had to endure tough opponents, his first foe being Jon Fitch, who he worked to a decision defeat. Wilson has good hands and conditioning. His wrestling and ground game in general is questionable, albeit not exactly weak.

Prediction: This fight should be good. Larson is always looking to take a fight to the ground, and will definately test Wilson's heart, conditioning, and take-down defense. Larson has a good chin, so Wilson will have a fun time trying to knock Larson out. I'm going to say Larson will win this fight, probably a tough one, I admire Wilson's heart and desire, and think while this fight isn't exactly one-sided, Larson has the tools to beat him.

Larson, via decision.

Frank Edgar (9-1) vs. Sean Sherk (33-3-1)

Frank Edgar comes into this fight with an impressive 4-1 UFC record with notable wins over Spencer Fisher, Hermes Franca, Mark Bocek, and Tyson Griffin. Edgar is a dominant wrestler, using his superior conditioning and relentless attack to dominate his opponents. His one loss coming against rising undefeated UFC star Gray Manard. Edgar's striking is somewhat questionable, although not necessarily bad.

Sean Sherk comes into this fight after a very exciting bout against Tyson Griffin. Sherk, the former lightweight champion, owns a 7-3 UFC record. His world renown cardio and wrestling weren't on display in his bout with Griffin, as he used superior boxing and head movements to dominantly win a decision. Sherk has a solid chin and has only been knocked out by fellow UFC elites BJ Penn and Georges St. Pierre.

Prediction: While Edgar might rise to the occasion and be able to out wrestle the phenominal wrestling machine that is Sean Sherk, he won't be able to win a stand-up battle. Sherk's striking has gone to the next level and look for Sherk to exploit that fact.

Sherk via decision.

Dan Miller (11-1) vs. Chael Sonnen (21-10-1)

Rising UFC star Dan Miller comes into this bout with a UFC record of 3-0. Miller possesses a superstar mix of jiu-jitsu, muay thai, and wrestling. Miller has a good chin, and usually fights to his strengths. His striking isn't exactly a weakness, but could use more polishing.

Chael Sonnen comes into this fight with a UFC record of 1-3. In his last outting, he lost to Demian Maia by way of submission (triangle choke). Sonnen is an outstanding wrestler, who uses his relentless attack and good conditioning to wear out his opponents. His weaknesses would be his submission defense and overall grappling.

Prediction: Dan Miller has shown an ability to find ways to win. Which makes this matchup all the more interesting for me. Miller has dominating wrestling, as well as good ground and pound, complemented with good submission abilities. He's deadly in the clinch with his knees as well. Sonnen's best chance in this fight is in a ground-and-pound feat, which sounds very hard to accomplish against such a good wrestler. Further more, Dan Miller has great submissions and Sonnen's track record suggests that this might be Dan Miller's oppertunity, which I'm banking on.

Dan Miller, via submission round 1.

Xavier Foupa-Pokam (20-10) vs. Drew McFedries (7-5)

Xavier Foupa-Pokam comes into this bout fresh off his debut loss to Denis Kang at UFC 97. Pokam has elite stiking and muay thai. Pokam took this fight because he wanted to quickly erase his loss to Kang. Pokam's ground game is a big question, which was taken advantage of the ground savvy Kang.

McFedries comes into this bout with a UFC record of 3-4. McFedries has powerful, quick hands. He burst onto the seen with a very impressive victory over the highly reguarded Alessio Sakara. Since then, he has been rapidly inconsistant, often falling victim to superior ground attacks. McFedries chin isn't solid, either.

Prediction: The UFC likes Pokam and his explosive stand up, and so do I. I think Pokam will be to much for McFedries, standing up. McFedries might actually have a slight advantage on the ground, albeit slim. This fight should be over quickly, with my nod going to Pokam.

Pokam, via TKO round 1.

Matt Hughes (42-7) vs. Matt Serra (9-5)

Matt Hughes comes into this fight fresh off knee surgery. Hughes owns a UFC record of 15-5. The former UFC Welterweight Champion and future Hall of Famer is coming off of a loss to Thiago Alves, via TKO in round 2. Hughes is well known for his superior wrestling, modest jiu jitsu, and powerful hands. Hughes chin has been a question mark, and his lack of striking ability has led to many to conclude that his style has been surpassed by an ever evolving MMA.

Matt Serra comes into this fight after losing his Welterweight title to Georges St. Pierre over a year ago. Serra holds a UFC record of 6-5. Serra is BJJ black belt, has very powerful hands, and an annoying voice. Serra's weaknesses would be his wrestling and to an extent, his conditioning. Serra's health is also a concern, having only fought twice since 2006.

Prediction: I'm going to call this one right here, and right now. Matt Hughes will destroy Matt Serra. Serra's only hope is a knock-out, which will be difficult to come by, as I still believe Hughes has a good chin, has just been outclassed and caught by younger, more explosive foes (GSP, Alves). Serra isn't that. I expect Hughes to outclass Serra, and ultimately end this fight on the ground.

Hughes, TKO Round 1.

Rashad Evans (13-0-1) vs. Lyoto Machida (14-0)

Rashad Evans comes into this fight with a record of 8-0-1. Evans is the defending Light Heavyweight Champion. Evans possesses very quick, solid hands, excellent wrestling solid chin, and submission defense. In his last fight, he won the title after a TKO of Forrest Griffin. Evans, the winner of TUF season 2, has won 4 of his last 5 fights by KO or TKO.

Lyoto Machida comes into this fight with a UFC record of 6-0. Machida is known for his unorthodox Karate stance which confuses his opponents. Machida also has good jiu-jistu, muay thai, take-downs, and accurate striking. His ellusiveness is his main strength, which he uses to avoid damage while inflicting it.

Prediction: This fight most likely won't end early. I don't think Evans can catch Machida, and I don't think Machida will finish Evans early, if at all. If Evans catches Machida, Machida's guard is excellent, in which he is very capable of getting back to his feat, in the few times he's been off of it. His takedown defense is also fantastic. Destiny may very well be on his side for this fight.

If Evans has a chance, it's going to be on the ground, in a ground-and-pound type of victory. He stands almost no chance of actually catching Machida standing. Evans is a counter-striker, and when forced to engage will usually ends up paying for it. Trying to force contact with Machida is a sure way to lose. That is what makes this fight interesting. If anyone has a chance to catch Machida on a shot, it would be Evans, who is probably that fastest LHW. But even catching Machida is not easy task, just ask Tito Ortiz, who when actually getting his arms around Machida, was thrown around.

I'm going to say, Machida wins the LHW crown, via decision. Evans will eventually get tired of trying to wait for his oppening and be more aggressive, and that will be were Machida takes advantage, scoring points and inflicting the most damage towards the latter rounds.

Machida, by decision.