This deal is made with the assumption that Sacramento gets the number one pick in the draft and will be taking Blake Griffin. I think there is a strong chance that Sacramento would look to deal the #1 pick to the team at #2 for the rights to Ricky Rubio, but that's just my opinion. They could probably land a hell of a deal from that team at #2. Anyway, this deal addresses their PG need:

Sacramento gets:

TJ Ford
#13 Overall

Indiana gets:

Kenny Thomas
Jason Thompson
#23 Overall
#31 Overall

They get another PG to provide depth. Ford is legitimate and I think he and Udrih would push each other. They get the opportunity to bring in two lottery picks this year.

We get an expiring in Thomas, who could provide front court depth. We would get our starting PF in Jason Thompson. We move down in the draft and get a crack at two players instead of one. I really don't like a lot of the players being projected at 13.... I think there is similar value at 23 and we get another player at 31. This would allow us to re-sign Jack and McRoberts easily being under the LT and that would be our full roster.