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Thread: Tinsley for Morrison and Mbenga

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    Default Tinsley for Morrison and Mbenga

    Pacers Send:
    2009 2nd Rounder

    Pacers Recieve:
    Adam Morrison
    DJ Mbenga

    Philly Sends:
    Jason Smith
    Reggie Evans

    Philly Receives:
    Jamaal Tinsley

    Lakers Send:
    DJ Mbenga
    Adam Morrison

    Lakers Receive:
    Pacers 2009 2nd Rounder
    Jason Smith
    Reggie Evans
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    Default Re: Tinsley for Morrison and Mbenga

    I don't think Philly would trade Jason Smith for all of the other players in this trade. They made a deal with Miami to move up to get him two years ago in the draft. They really like him and I know they wouldn't throw him in the deal for Tinsley. Hell, I think they would be hard pressed to trade him for Morrison and they need outside shooting.

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    Default Re: Tinsley for Morrison and Mbenga

    Why do the Lakers get all the good players in this trade while giving up nothing?

    I think Jason Smith might be available. He's certainly going to be behind Dalembert, Brand, and Speights on the depth chart, and they play a lot of small ball with Young at the 4. If they could get something of value back for Smith, they'd probably be willing to move him.

    I'd rather do the trade straight up with Philly and not involve LA at all.
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    Default Re: Tinsley for Morrison and Mbenga

    I think the Lakers like Mbenga and what he is bringing to the team.
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