The Philly thread got me thinking:

Philly gets

Jamaal Tinsley
Troy Murphy

Indiana gets

Elton Brand

We get savings in the first two years of this deal. They are the two years that we will worry about needing financial flexibility. We get the back to the basket scoring threat we need and a perfect complement to Hibbert. Foster moves to the first man off the bench, which is the more appropriate role for him. We get rid of Tinsley since Philly's PG situation is up in the air. They have a chance to work him out all summer to get him up and running again. If they do re-sign Miller, which is a good idea, this still gives them a terrific player as a backup. Miller won't command the 9M per that he earned before and would probably take just above the MLE from the Sixers since they own his Bird Rights. I could see him taking 6+M per over about 3-4 years into retirement. They add their first rounder and they have 13 players under contract and they are right at the 69M mark which will be close to the LT.

Yes, we take on another 28M in this deal, but we get a huge upgrade at PF and we wouldn't be able to make this deal if not for his injuries and their drafting of Mareese Speights. I think this is a great time to go after Brand. His achilles was fully healed early this season and its had tie to rest. He had shoulder surgery and he will be ready long before training camp. He will hopefully be fully recovered and give us another four years of great basketball. His deal gets moderately more expensive and there is always the opportunity for him to opt out of that final year for us to re-sign him for a couple more years. I think this would be a great deal for us in the short term and the long term. Brand and Murphy are both 30. Brand will be 34 when his deal is over.