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Thread: LAC/POR

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    Default LAC/POR

    Clippers get

    TJ Ford 2 yr, 16.50M
    Sergio Rodriguez 1 yr, 1.58M

    Trailblazers get

    Baron Davis 4 yrs, 53.75M

    Pacers get

    Travis Outlaw 1 yr, 3.60M
    Steve Blake 1 yr, 4.00M

    Pacers get salary relief in the form of two good players.

    Clippers get HUGE salary relief.

    Blazers get the top tier PG they are looking for.

    My only concern with this deal is that it will make things much more difficult for Portland to sign all of their young studs. They might sacrifice a few players in trading for BDiddy.

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    Default Re: LAC/POR

    I would like this one but I don't see portland taking that monster contract.

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    Default Re: LAC/POR

    Yeah, Baron Davis at that contract doesn't make sense for Portland. If they're going to spend that kind of money on a PG, it's going to be for one that is an impact player who hasn't reached his prime yet. If they go for a vet like Davis, they'll want to spend MLE-type money.

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