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Thread: The Pacers: Moving or Staying?

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    Default The Pacers: Moving or Staying?

    SPOILER ALERT - The Indiana Pacers are staying in Indiana,and if I am wrong I will eat my keyboard.
    I am by no means suggesting that the blue and gold will continue to be retained by the Simon’s. However, I am confident that the Indiana Pacers will remain focal occupants of the Conseco Fieldhouse.

    Why can I exert such blatant confidence?

    It is simply not possible given the current “arid” economic climate and geographical desire for a professional basketball team.
    [1] The economic climate of North America is dry – no wait “arid.” Given the economic climate of half of the globe a move is very risky. While many billionaires might have an interest in a Simon short sale, I am confident that 99.9% of interested buyers would not want to risk moving the team to a new environment. [2] Furthermore, a suitable, fertile environment does not exist. Even if the Simons or a “buyer” decided expressed interest in a move, they would find that there are few places in the United States, Canada, or Mexico that could potentially receive and support an NBA franchise.


    [1] Seattle, Washington. The Super Sonics moved, and now the fans of every slumping franchise with an expiring or near-expiring lease are in panic. Seattle would certainly love to regain an NBA franchise, but at what cost? The soul reason the NBA’s late elder son became the league's newest baby was because of a dispute over stadium conditions. The owners of the Super Sonics thought that Key Arena was a sub par professional stadium. While many agree, the city decided they would not invest the money needed to build a new arena. To complicate matters for the Sonics, the city also stated that they would not renovate Key Arena, unless the Sonics made significant finacial contributions.

    Obviously Seattle wants a pro-team, just not the pro-price tag. Therefore if the Pacers are hemorrhaging money, why would they move to a city that would refuse to stop the bleeding? The Pacers need cash, and Seattle is not going to accommodate any team with a handout.

    [2] Las Vegas, Nevada. After the 07’ All Star Game, it appeared that Sin City was the heir apparent for an NBA franchise. However, before you place your bet on a Pacers move to Vegas, consider the following. The city of Las Vegas may not be as ripe as Stern and Co. once anticipated. After several months of research, the city of Las Vegas concluded the creation of a new arena was not a sure thing. To complicate matters worst, the city does not have an existing arena capable of hosting a pro-team while a new stadium is built. Therefore, a stadium would have to be constructed before Vegas could welcome an NBA franchise.

    While Vegas seems like a great opportunity for an NBA expansion or relocation, a Pacers move to the desert seems like a long shot. After all, the city of Los Vegas is at least 4 -5 years from a suitable arena.

    [3] Baltimore, Maryland. I once heard that Baltimore was interested in a NBA franchise. However, studies were conducted and apparently a pro-team would not generate a large following.

    Baltimore is a great football town, but it is not a basketball town. The Pacers will not be leaving from Indianapolis to Baltimore on a Mayflower semi any day soon.


    [1] Vancouver, Canada. This is by no means an insult to any users who live or have lived in Canada. However, Canada is not a possible location. I loosely quote Stevie “Franchise” Francis, players don’t want to play in Canada because of “Location, taxes, endorsements, and the will of God.” This is proven by the exoduses of stars such as Damon Stoudemire, Marcus Camby, Vince Carter, and Tracy McGrady.

    Canada, particularly Vancouver, has proven to be a failed experiment. The Pacers, or any potential buyers would not want to subject itself to the trials and tribulations of a Canadian based team.


    [1] Mexico City, Mexico. Language barriers, drug wars, and swine flu. Need I say more?

    It appears that there isn’t a city or country that could suit the Indiana Pacers better than, you guessed it, Indiana. I believe the Pacers will remain in Indiana. I also believe that the Pacers best opportunity for success is in Indiana. No one buys a professional sports team with expectation that it will make significant money, and the Pacers are a playoff run and a descent marketing campaign from becoming sustainable.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    With that being said, I hope the city of Indianapolis shows favor to the Indiana Pacers. (This is the part where I get personal). I have been a Pacers fan and a Colts fan since the day I was born. However, the way that Jim Irsay took advantage of the city with L.O.S. was simply nothing short of sinister. Either the Pacers need to be given a similar deal (within reason), or Irsay needs to renegotiate some of the benefits he received on a stadium that was burdened by tax payers and is directly affecting other sports teams.

    We the fans of the Indiana Pacers need to be proactive about promoting and marketing this team. Indiana is the best possible location for the Indiana Pacers, and there is no doubt that we can help the organization and the state realize that once again. >>
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