Last game of the year. Sigh. I'm really gonna miss spending so much time in Conseco, rooting on the Pacers.

I plan on posting a year-end retrospective thread of Pacemate photos, and another thread of game photos at some point. It has taken me a week to get the Pacemate and game photos together for this game, so who knows when I'll get all that done!

Until I can devote the time to it, here are the last photos of the season. I must say that I really enjoyed watching and photographing the Pacemates this season. They have some fresh, crisp routines, great outfits, and energetic ladies. The ladies on the squad this season have been very friendly and are a great asset for the Pacers organization to have cheering the team!


I call this shot, "Invisible surfboard."

The Pacemates got The Wave started by doing it themselves....

I'm not sure who the little girl was, but she was adorable and won over the crowd pretty quickly...


More photos to come, at some point!