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Thread: Next Season Playoffs

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    Default Next Season Playoffs

    Ok, with Rush and Hibbert rising to their potentials and many other players having career seasons (Murphy, Jack, TJ), many people, at least in Indiana, would expect the Pacers to make the playoffs next season. However, here's the question, who's dropping "out" of the playoffs? I don't know much about free agencies of the teams in the East, so I'm just basing my assumptions on this season.

    The Cavs, Celtics and Magic are out of the discussion because they will more than likely to be there again next season. Hawks are a young team with lots of talent, and judging by the way they played Miami in the first game, they will still be good for atleast several more years. Heat will remain a decent team as long as DWade and Chalmers at the back court. Sixers have an athletic player in Andre Iguodala, along with young talents Louis Williams and Thaddeus Young. With the deals Chicago made before the trade deadline, they have really turned around the corner. Having Derrick Rose doesn't hurt either. And finally, the Pistons. It might seem that their era has finally ended, but with about 30 million dollars coming off the book next season, who knows who they can get.

    It might seem WAY too early to think about this right now as so many things can happen between now and then, but I think the East is getting better in general and it may be more difficult to get into the playoffs than the past few years. Personally, I think the Sixers would be the one to drop if the Pacers are to make it.

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    Default Re: Next Season Playoffs

    The 76ers and the Pistons are the most obvious choices. They've both got some very significant offseason questions that need to be answered.
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    The Celts, Magic and Cavs are in for sure. I would have to think the Hawks (just by standing pat) will be back in next year. There team is young and still getting better. Watching Derrick Rose right now, you gotta like Chicago's chances.

    After that, it's all wide open. I could easily see a couple teams that didn't make it in this year (Pacers, Raptors, Nets) making it in next year.

    Just remember that every team out there has young players who are getting better. Never know what can happen.

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    I honestly think that injuries always play a factor. I think sometimes you have to be lucky to stay injury free all year with your key players. Personally I see the Celtic making a huge drop next year. I dont think Garnett, Allen and Pierce will all stay injury free as they are getting older. I still think they are talented enough to make it but I think they will drop in the rankings. I also think Detroit has to address a lot of needs.

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    Default Re: Next Season Playoffs

    Tough to gauge this far out. A lot can happen in the offseason.

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    Default Re: Next Season Playoffs

    Its too early to tell. Put it this way, if Wade gets injured again, Miami wont make the playoffs. If Dwight or Lebron get injured, their respective teams wont make the playoffs.

    Basically, anything can happen
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    miami will the best choice at who will not make the playoffs, dwade has played out of his mind but i see another injury because he was been playing a lot of minutes and he is basically a one man show. philly will make it cuz they get brand back, hawks will as well.
    detroit has played bad i sure hope they start loosing more often and they will, i am not sure they will not win enough to just barely sneak in though.

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    Default Re: Next Season Playoffs

    I look for the following teams:

    1. Cleveland
    2. Orlando (if they re-sign Hedo)
    3. Boston
    4. Atlanta
    5. Miami (with a healthy Dwayne Wade)
    6. Chicago
    7. Pacers
    8. Washington (with a healthy Arenas)

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    I think "expecting" to make the playoffs next year is a bit presumptuous. Only Detroit and Philly are realistic possibilities to drop out(Miami has a mostly terrible roster, but Beasley will be a beast by next year and a nice complement to Wade). And either Washington or the Knicks could easily end up in the playoffs if they get Griffin. Washington will probably surprise a lot of people next year...IF they're healthy. Charlotte also could make it in.

    The Cavs, Celtics, Magic, and Hawks are probably almost locks for 1-4, Chicago will pretty much certainly be in the playoffs. I think Miami will also be in it. I think the Pacers end up fighting with Detroit, Philly, Washington, Charlotte, and possibly the Knicks(if they get Griffin and he adjusts quickly). And I doubt they will end up being one of the best two teams in that mix, as little as that would say.

    I think we're still a couple of years away. Things will look a lot better when that $36-$37 million comes off the books in the summer of 2011. As it is, though, the other teams in the East all seem to either have more good young talent than us already, have a lot of savvy, tough, athletic defenders, have high picks to look forward to that can rejuvenate an entire team like Derrick Rose did for the Bulls, and/or have cap space or expiring contracts to use to get better. We're stuck in drafting 10-13 hell, so our rebuilding will take longer than most.
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    Default Re: Next Season Playoffs

    What happens if KG isn't back ala Dunleavy?

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    Default Re: Next Season Playoffs

    Quote Originally Posted by iPACER View Post
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    What happens if KG isn't back ala Dunleavy?
    Boston still has three guys who will probably be All Stars next year, and their other big men(Perkins,Davis, Powe) are still light years ahead of ours.

    They will, at worst, be the 4 seed next year. They just have too much other talent between Allen, Pierce, Rondo, Perkins, and Powe.

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