Pacers trade PF Troy Murphy and their 2009 second round pick #52 overall to New Orleans

New Orleans trades PF/C Tyson Chandler and 2009 first round pick #21 to Indiana

Why for Indiana: They get an athletic shotblocker/ rebounder type with size to help defensively in Chandler. They also get an additional first round pick to help fill a hole in another area.

Why for New Orleans: The Hornets save millions in this deal by saving the difference between Chandler and Murphy (about 3 million I think in 09-10 and a bit more in 10-11) and by not having to pay a first round pick this year. They also get a good player in Murphy coming off a career year. Mainly, this is a salary move by New Orleans I think.

Is this realistic at all? Is it a good deal for us? Is it a good deal for them?