After reading the article by Sixty Feet, Six Inches, it inspired me to write this article. The story is spectacular. Brandon Rush came into the NBA as a nobody. Now, he is a somebody. Rush's story really speaks to me and that is why I wrote it:

Remember this name. This name, you will hear about for years to come. It's like Fort Minor's "Remember the Name." Rush has a good story. His basketball skills have come from both of his siblings, Kareem and JaRon Rush.

2007: Planning the Draft is Delayed

After averaging 13.8 points, five rebounds, and two assists per game, Brandon Rush declared for the 2007 NBA Draft. But in May 2007, Rush tore his anterior cruciate ligament.

It did stink.

But luckily, on June first, 2007, Rush fixed it by surgery on his torn ACL. He returned to the Kansas Jayhawks for another year.

And it was good that Brandon did that.

2007 Season: The Miracle in Kansas

Rush had a solid year: 13.3 points per game, five rebounds, and two assists per game, again. Rush went into the NCAA tournament and was solid. He was the man of the starting line-up, along with Mario Chalmers.

In the surprising win over North Carolina, Brandon Rush was named the player of that game as he had 25 points and seven rebounds. After that game, Rush was rated the number one small forward, according to

Rush was also named the MVP of the Big 12 tournament. He was also averaging close to 16 points per game in the six NCAA tournament games. The Jayhawks won the NCAA tournament and Rush declared himself for the NBA draft after that.


Brandon Rush Joins Blazers

Brandon Rush was selected as the 13th overall pick in the NBA draft. He was drafted by the Portland Trail Blazers. Brandon Rush looked to be a great player with the Blazers. It looked to be a one-three punch of Jarrett Jack, Brandon Rush, and Brandon Roy.

It turned out, it didn't happen. Not at all!

Brandon Rush Joins Pacers

Rush was involved in a trade with the Pacers. It was Brandon Rush, Jarrett Jack, and Josh McRoberts to the Pacers for Jerryd Bayless and Ike Diogu. It turned out that Rush would fit right in with the team.

Brandon Rush Becomes a Star

Brandon Rush has been so successful with the Pacers. He has been involving greatly. As of now, he is averaging seven points, three rebounds, and close to one assist (0.9) per game.

He started evolving on March 28th against the Chicago Bulls. His highest points per game was 22 before the game. But today, he did amazing. He and Danny Granger became a one-two punch.

Rush had 29 points in the 112-106 loss to the Chicago Bulls. But the Pacers, 32-44, still have a chance of making the playoffs. Brandon Rush has just been amazing. But that wasn't the end of it.

In the next game, resulting in a 124-115 win over the Wizards, Rush scored a career-high, again, 29 points. In his last two games, he had 58 points, 14 rebounds, and three assists. One heck of a two games Rush has had.

Even though he had only three very good games this year, he really is doing good, filling in for Mike Dunleavy.

Now that Mike Dunleavy is injured, Rush is the starting shooting guard. He is doing a great job at it. I would really like to see Rush win the Sixth Man of the Year award. Can he? He could. I wouldn't be that surprised if he won Rookie of the Year! But that might go to some other heavily contestants.

Rush could win that.

Although this is his rookie year, he looks to become a favorable player for years to come. He can be a dominant player. Can Rush do it? Yes he can. Brandon Rush will be the name everyone will be talking about in the future. With his quickness and strength Rush can do it.

Brandon Rush. "Oh yeah, I remember that guy. He was a beast. That guy is, no doubt, a Hall-of-Famer. I always remember that guy." And so will you.