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Thread: Yay! Indycar season is here!

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    Default Yay! Indycar season is here!

    So for the few of us here that watch racing... and the subset of that that follows Indycar... Today is the 1st race of the season starting here in a few this afternoon.

    For those with a casual interest but not following the nuts and bolts of the series, the majority of races are on the Versus network this season. They are also available in HD. Channel 603 on Directv is where to find them. Any Directv subscriber should get this channel. Pretty sure Comcast has it as well in their normal package.

    The gamble with Versus is that Versus is giving more airtime to the series with pre-race shows, qualifying shows, promo, etc.. Versus won't move the start of a race to a sister channel or join it in action so that we can see the finish of a Netherlands Homerun derby. They also plan not to immediately cutaway after the conclusion of the race and show some of the emotion of the win... or loss...

    The downside to Versus is that many who get Versus have never watched the channel or even know they get it.

    Bob Jenkins returns to calling races as the Indycar voice in the booth (with Jan Beekhus(sp?) and Robbie Buhl) on Versus.

    If I understood correctly, Versus will also do a lot of programming during the month of May around the happenings at the track. That race itself (Indy 500) will still be on ABC television (and ABC still has a few races on the schedule).

    Today is a street course from St Petersburg, FL.
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