Carbon Motors is a new car company that is gearing up to build cars for just one kind of customers: police departments.

Their car will be more expensive than a Dodge Charger off the lot, but competitive with the standard cars'price once the special components are added (which will all be standard on a Carbon E7).

The Carbon E7 will have a hose-down back seat to wash off blood, semen, drugs, spit, urine or whatever collects back there.

It will have a top speed of 155 mph.

It will be more fuel efficient than any current police car in use.

It will be rated to absorb a rear impact of 75 mph (whatever that means!)

The rear doors swing wide open and open toward the back, making it easier to shove uncooperative perps into the back.

Gun racks are built in, making weapons more accessible, and the glass and front panels are bulletproof.

The cars will never fall into private hands the way Steve Earle's father bought his drug-smuggling big black Dodge "at an auction at the Mason's lodge." Instead, whichever police department buys a Carbon will guarantee to either sell it to another police force or else sell it back to Carbon to be dismantled.

Right now, the town leaders of Connorsville are trying to lure Carbon to build there at the site of the former Visteon/Ford plant. Best of luck to them.

American ingenuity is a great thing.