OK here is an awesome deal. There are talks that Jason Kidd will go to Cleveland in Free Agency this off-season. Dallas then will have a GLARING hole at PG. Jason Terry is more of a shooting guard than a PG. So, assuming Kidd bolts, we can trade TJ Ford back to Texas.

Dallas gets:

TJ Ford

Indiana gets:

Brandon Bass
Jerry Stackhouse

This would be a sign-and-trade deal where Dallas uses their Early Bird rights to sign Bass. This means that the first two years, he maxes his deal out at 5M per season. Then the third year he could get an infinite raise, which helps us because that would be after the 10-11 season and we have a ton of cap room. So his deal we would sign would be perfect for our cap situation. Now, Bass would be a BYC player because he is getting a raise of over 20% meaning that his value for a trade would be 2.5M based on his max salary of $5M. Well, since they have Stackhouse, who has an unguaranteed contract for next year, we would cut him and only have a cap hold and salary obligation of 2M. So in essence, we actually reduce our cap hit next year by 1.5M in this deal. (5M for Bass and 2M for Stack). The values for the trade would be 9.75M coming from Dallas and 8.5 from TJ's deal, which falls within the 125% rule. They get a starting PG, while we gt the strong defensive minded PF who can shoot that we are searching for.