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Thread: Really long ESPN Article on Danny

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    As go-to as Granger has become, though, he is a long way from crashing the league's elite wing triumvirate of Kobe, LeBron and Wade. In fact, if those guys are the first tier of swingmen, most scouts put Granger in the third, behind a group that includes Pierce, Anthony, Johnson, a motivated Vince Carter and a healthy Tracy McGrady. Granger heads a bunch that includes Rashard Lewis, Caron Butler, Andre Iguodala and Josh Howard. League wisdom holds that in a more conventional system than O'Brien's quick-draw, every-look-is-a-good-one scheme, Granger would be good for 17 to 20 points a night.

    Okay this is crap. Paul Pierce hadn't sniffed the playoffs for about 3-4 years before Garnet and Allen came to town. Back when he had Fatoine Walker by his side! What has Carmelo ever done in the playoffs, I mean denver one of the most under achieving teams in the west year after year? McGrady hasn't made it out of the first round. Vince Carter has had some mild Playoff success if I remember.

    Point his, Granger is easily as good as these players, and note all of these players have had a very good center or point guard playing with them at some point during their established careers. Yao Ming, Jason Kidd, Allen Iverson, Marcus Camby, Dwight Howard, Garnett, Allen, Dirk, Arenas. So the idea that Danny can produce at this level with the likes of Troy Murphy and TJ Ford. Puts him solidly in the 2nd tier.

    Oh and Kobe and Wade, both had Shaq during their break out seasons.

    Dumb article.

    Granger has all the skills needed to break that top tier, just lacks the big man in the middle.
    I was at the Toronto game this year when Danny broke down and burnt Bosch with seconds left in the 4th. Simply Amazing, because Bosch has some of the longest arms in the league.

    Crazy how we so easily peg a player during a break out season with no other mentionable around him to speak of. Heck even Wade had a young Lamar Odom who was very solid at the Forward position in his big season before Shaq.

    In fact the only guys on this list that have ever been the MAIN guy on a successful team is Lebron. Successful meaning making it past round one of the playoffs.

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    Game after game we watch how danny can just tear other teams apart. I know I am a victim of seeing who we are playing and thinking well danny is probably going to have a off night and be around the 18-20 mark but instead scores 35. He has a winners attitude and only wants to get better. Match that with his HIGH IQ I see danny granger taking us deep in the next 2 years.

    I do hear the defense arguments. But right now our team is not a good defensive team. For danny to be truly effective we need a monster in the paint so players don't think about driving and we need rush to step up his defense as well. Only then do I see danny becoming a great defender.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Indy View Post
    This quote is hidden because you are ignoring this member. Show Quote
    Vince Carter was a fantastic offensive player, capable of some really incredible plays, but utterly unstoppable offensively? I don't think so.
    Not anymore, but in his prime, ya he could be unstoppable. His Raptor days were amazing.

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