Pig Nash stood up from his desk. Frantically he searched for his notepad. He had to write this down. Werewolves? This couldn't be. But it would make a great adventure ride. More involved than any roller coaster. It was like "Survivor" on speed.

Pig Nash works as a ride designer at Animal Adventures, a theme park. He's been there for seven years and only came up with one ride. And nobody likes to talk about that. He drove seventy in a forty lane, he was so excited.

"Hey Nash!" Sarah greeted him he got to the design room. "Got any ideas, today?" She smirked.

"As a matter of fact I do. It's called the wolf game and if you want to know the rules. Read this thread and this thread"

There will be four wolves, a seer, and a Guardian Angel. obnoxiousmodesty is the mayor. PM's have been sent to the players with special roles.

Good luck!


14.) recap - Wolf


7.) Able - Angel
10.) indytoad - Wolf
11.) JO'neal7 - Human
6.) BayouPacer - Wolf
1.) Hicks - Human
17.) nashbro - Seeker
5.) Gyron - human
2.) Snickers - human
4.) btowncolt - Wolf
3.) pollardfreek - human
9.) Aw Heck - human
15.) Mourning - human
16.) MarionDeputy - wolf
18.) Hoop - human
8.) obnoxiousmodesty - human
12.) dipperdunk - human
21. ) Pig Nash (mayor) - human
13.) naturallystoned - human