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Thread: Mobley/Cato might be moved after T-Mac trade

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    Default Re: Mobley/Cato might be moved after T-Mac trade

    Harrington /Pollard for Cato/Mobley does work per Real GM. I say if it comes up, do it. Here's why:

    -The Pacers get a SG who can score and defend. Is he the best guard available? No. But he gives the Pacers what they need: outside shooting. The Pacers are essentially only giving up Harrington for him. That's better than giving up all of our SF's for one guard.

    -The Pacers unclog their SF rotation. Bender gets more playing time. Cro gets more playing time. Roster is balanced a little more.

    -Pacers get a big defensive C. Cato replaces Pollard, a center that clearly did not fit in here. Cato fit in pretty well in Houston(a defensive team), so I don't think he'd have too much trouble fitting in here.

    Possible Lineups


    Hill or Gooden

    As for why Orlando would do this? Well, Al could be a good player for them and a major contributer in case Hill isn't healthy or if Dwight Howard isn't ready yet.

    I like the trade. It doesn't bring in a superstar, but then again the Pacers never really needed another one.

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    Default Re: Mobley/Cato might be moved after T-Mac trade

    I like the trade. Although I do think it hurts Harrison, relegating to the bench cause we probably won't be able to find minutes for him. Unless he shows some serious skills in training camp. Mobley would be a great addition.

    I don't think the magic would give up Cato though. Cato is better than all the other centers the magic have and Dwight Howard has said he doesn't want to play center, he says it's boring. Considerring how hard it is to find a decent center, I wouldnt' expect for them to give him up.

    looking at the Magic roster right now, I'm amazed at how much it sucks. I wouldn't trade Cato and Mobley unless I was getting two solid players in return. their roster is just that bad.

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