Sure there are games left to play and next season is a long ways away, but with the last four losses I pretty much feel the need to look forward.

Simple question. What do you think Roy, B Rush, and McBob will average next year in Mins, points, rebs and any other stat you want to put in?

I say-

Roy 25 minutes, 12 Points, 4 rebounds, 1.8 blocks, and 4.9 fouls.

B Rush 29 minutes 9 Points, 3 Rebounds, and 1 assist and 39% from 3 pt land.

McBob (if here) 50 games 15 minutes 3 points, 3 rebounds.

I think Roy could even have more of a scoring impact, if given the burn. I would be really happy with that progression for him.

B Rush I havae to say that I expected more when he was drafted, but that 9 points next year maybe too optimistic. I think with BRush it's almost all above the shoulders.

McBob is a wild card. If he doesn't improve significantly, Obie won't play him. I think it's that simple.

What do you think?