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Thread: Pacers Playoff Push: The Final 16-Game Perspective

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    Default Pacers Playoff Push: The Final 16-Game Perspective

    In the thread, "We would be a dangerous playoff team" (also echoed in the ".500 finish is attainable..." thread), I laid out how I believed each team that is chasing that elusive 8th seed in the East would fare the rest of the season, including our beloved Pacers. After reviewing the records of each team since February 2 since making my initial assessment and reviewing their respective schedules, the following is a brief summary of my findings effective since 3/11/08:

    (Note: I would have posted this earlier, but I've been in meetings the last two days. Yeah, I do work for a living. )

    Bucks: 6-8; 15 games remaining (6 road, 9 home); 10 against +.500 teams

    Bulls: 8-8; 18 games remaining; 4 sets of back-to-backs

    Nets: 7-8; 19 games remaining (11 road, 8 home); 5-game road trip starting 3/11 (4 against WC teams)

    Bobcats: 9-8; 18 games remaining; has performed well against -.500 teams resulting in their recent 6-game win streak, but poorly against +.500 teams. They also close the season on a 4-game road trip.

    Knicks: 5-12; 19 games remaining (11 road, 8 home); 5 sets of back-to-back games w/10 games against +.500 teams

    Pacers: 9-9; 16 games remaining (6 road, 10 home); 6 games against +.500 teams, 3 sets of back-to-back games

    As you can see, the two teams that have played fairly well since 2/04/09 are the Bobcats and the Pacers. Both teams have won against -.500 teams and loss against -.500 teams. So, their records since early February truly aren't indicative as to how well either team has performed, nor does it paint a decent picture of either team's playoff hopes. However, what it does show is which of the teams listed above has momentum going down the stretch. And right now, their records,. as well as their schedules, show the Bobcats and Pacers stand a better chance of making the post season than any of the other teams currently in the hunt.

    The Bobcats are .5 game out of the 8th seed, while the Pacers are 1.5 games out. If the Pacers can simply handle their business and win the games they are suppose to against the -.500 teams and steal a victory or two from the +.500 teams, I believe they'll make the post season because IMO the other teams from #8 down will struggle far worse per their schedules than the Pacers. Plus, the Pacers should get Danny back soon which can only help their chances.

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    Default Re: Pacers Playoff Push: The Final 16-Game Perspective

    This fits in line with what I was thinking, in that it will come down to Indy and Charlotte. My original prediction is we get edged out by Charlotte who finishes one game ahead of us in the standings. I hope I'm wrong. Given the tough economic times, the Pacers NEED to make the playoffs.
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