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I am sure you all have seen this article but I was reading it and amazed how a Clipper article makes it on the front page of I know we as fans complain a ton about our coach, but this being front page news on their website seems a little silly to me. I will say this about Dunleavy Sr. In the past he has tanked for positioning. The year the Clippers made it to the playoffs and made it pretty far he lost the last game of the regular season to achieve a better first round match up. I know this is not Pacers news but I was wondering how you guys felt about tanking for playoff positioning by teams and also how do you think O'Brien and the Pacers stacks up to Dunleavy and the Clippers. I just have not seen a team with so much talent (Clippers) not be able to click things together. It kind of makes me proud to be a Pacers fan just because they always play with heart and if we could just improve our talent an ounce I think this team would be incredibly dangerous. What do you all think. It is raining crazy here and just read the article and thought I would see what you guys thought.