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    Hey guys, just wondering how this years playoffs participants are feeling about their chances, which opponent you REALLY want to avoid facing because of how good of a GM that team has, the Karma or the past you have had with this team and if you expected to make the playoffs at al this year.

    Personally I think next year we might see a lot more contention for the final few playoff spots. In other words I think several teams will rise, while others might slowly start to decline, but will still be good enough to make the postseason.


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    Dodged a HUGE bullet by locking in the first round bye. Garnett is out for all 5 games, and it would have been ugly. In fact, I don't know if I would have had one game over 220, so a first round exit was likely.

    He probably won't be back until half way through the second round, so I just have to pray on nabbing an early game and coming on strong later.

    Elsewhere in my conference, New Castle has been terrifying even without Boozer. And just in time for the playoffs, Boozer is back. Ouch.

    But since he JUST came back, I can only hope that he needs a few games to get back to strength and hicks can get knocked out before I might have to face his Juggernaut.

    I put all my chips into this offseason, and can only pray that the run is worth it.
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    Default Re: Playoffs

    I am in a cautiously optimistic. I didn't finish the season as strong as I would of liked, but I have no major injuries. I am hoping that Shaq, Dirk and Melo can come up big. Chauncey and Melo put a big numbers in the second game of the series, but Scott is very good. If I can survive him I think I will be okay against Venice.
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    I survived the first round but look like tanking 4-1 in the second, me so sad...
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