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I think a team like Boston would like to add a guy like Quis. Teams have scaled it back, but some of the true title teams could still use his inside scoring combined with defense. It's like Posey but with crafty 2pt drives instead of 3pt bombs.

And with that you might have a comer like Miami looking for a boost to their overall depth, or even Utah. But in cases like these the top thing you are getting out of the deal is a late first round pick it would seem, and I wouldn't trade for one of those and especially not for this draft. Last year maybe, but too late now.
How would we trade with Boston involving Marquis?

Wouldn't we have to take on his Team Option then trade him to the other Team?

In this case, I can see Marquis used essentially as an Expiring Contract.....but wouldn't we have to take back a Comprable contract?