Going through the 2009-2010 Draft thread....I was thinking that IF Brandon Jennings was the best Player available to draft and we decide to do draft him ( specifically a PG )......instead of resigning Jack....I was pondering whether it would be possible to not pick up Marquis Team Option ( at $7+ mil ) and then try to turn around and resign him at a cheaper rate....probably at the same rate that we would have likely tried to resign Jack at.....like $3.5-4 mil a year type deal.

I'm pretty sure that Marquis would likely get some suitors out there for his services....but looking at the way that he has played....I ( and probably many others here on PD ) would like to keep him.....we just don't ( nor can afford ) to keep him at his current Team Option price tag. I know that Jack has been clutch and even carried the Teams at times.....but is also kind turnover prone at time and if Jennings is the best player available and other players that could likely help us are off the board.....I could see drafting a PG ( to fill Jack's current role ) and then trying to resign Marquis ( at a cheaper price ) as a decent alternative.

In the past, has a Team decided not to pick up a Team Option on a Player then turned around and negotiated a new Contract with him?

I'm guessing that Marquis could turn around and choose not to go with the Pacers based off of some "You want me, but not at a higher cost" mentality....but if he can be had for a cheaper price, I would hope that he would consider staying.

Of course, my preferable option is to try to move Ford in the offseason for some rotational PF with a comprable contract ( which is highly unlikely ).....then try to resign both Jack ( to start ) and Marquis ( at a lower cost ) while drafting Jennings ( to fill the backup PG spot ).....but I doubt that happens.