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Thread: I wonder if pepper spray will work?

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    Default I wonder if pepper spray will work?

    I wonder if Eddie is getting any tips from big brother on this one?

    Officials urging caution after cougar sightings

    Caution signs put up at Dobbs Park

    By Brian M. Boyce
    The Tribune-Star

    TERRE HAUTE — Cougar concerns have officials urging caution in area parks after another sighting near Dobbs Park.

    Eddie Bird, superintendent of Terre Haute Parks and Recreation, issued a notice Wednesday making the public “aware of a cougar sighting in Dobbs Park.”

    The memo also urges visitors to use caution in the Deming Park vicinity.

    A city animal control officer reported seeing a cougar Monday morning around Ohio Boulevard and Brown Avenue.

    Individuals who see the cougar are directed to call 911.

    Bird said the parks are still open, but he wants people to be aware.

    “We still want people to come out to the park. Just to be safe,” he said.

    In Dobbs Park, Tess Wade, assistant curator of the Native American Museum, was posting signs advising the public of the sighting.

    Parks naturalist Carissa Lovett said she has received calls over the years about a cougar in the area.

    “I’ve just had too many sightings within the general vicinity,” she said when asked if she believes the animal to be around. “I’d love to see it.”

    A cougar who escaped from the Exotic Feline Rescue in Clay County two years ago could be the same one here, she said, but no one can know for sure.

    Cougars are shy animals and those walking the trails should make some noise while out there, she said, noting that people should be aware of their surroundings anytime, anyway.

    “I’d be much more afraid of people than the cougar,” she
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    You know how hippos are made out to be sweet and silly, like big cows, but are actually extremely dangerous and can kill you with stunning brutality? The Pacers are the NBA's hippos....Matt Moore CBS Sports....

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    Default Re: I wonder if pepper spray will work?

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    Individuals who see the cougar are directed to call Ashton Kutcher.

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