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Thread: 4 way action: Indiana, Portland, Philadelphia, Minnesota

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    Default 4 way action: Indiana, Portland, Philadelphia, Minnesota

    I have too much free time today since I am off from work, so try this trade on for size:

    Indiana trades TJ Ford to Philadelphia
    Indiana trades Mike Dunleavy Jr to Portland
    Indiana trades Maceo Baston, Josh McRoberts, and a future lotto protected number #1 to Minnesota

    Portland trades Jerryd Bayless and Charles Outlaw to Indiana
    Portland trades a future #1 pick, the rights to Petteri Koponen, and Raef Lafrentz to Minnesota

    Philadelphia trades Reggie Evans and Marreese Speights to Indiana
    Philadelphia trades Andre Miller to Portland

    Minnesota trades Mike Miller and Mark Madsen to Philadelphia
    Minnesota trades $3million dollars and a 2010 second round pick to Indiana

    Ok, I know that might be confusing, so lets look at it like this:

    Indiana trades: TJ Ford, Mike Dunleavy, Josh McRoberts, Maceo Baston, and a future lotto protected #1 for Charles Outlaw, Jerryd Bayless, Reggie Evans, and Marreese Speights.

    Portland trades: Charles Outlaw, Jerryd Bayless, Raef Lafrentz (expiring contract of 13.8 million, 80% of which being paid my insurance), a future #1 pick, and the rights to Petteri Koponon for Andre Miller and Mike Dunleavy Jr.

    Philadelphia trades: Andre Miller, Reggie Evans, and Marreese Speights for TJ Ford, Mike Miller, and Mark Madsen

    Minnesota trades: Mike Miller, Mark Madsen, $3,000,000 and a 2010 second round pick to Indiana for the rights to Petteri Koponon, Raef Lafrentz expiring contract, a future lotto protected 1st round pick from Indiana, and a 2009 first round pick from Portland

    WHY FOR INDIANA: Indiana gets a younger cheaper replacement for Dunleavy Jr in Outlaw, and gets out of Dunleavy's espensive contract. Indiana picks up their potential PF of the future in Speights, a player that all of you know I loved coming out of the draft a year ago (and that I wanted us to draft at #11). We also add Shade's favorite player in Bayless (who may or may not be our point guard in the future but has potential) and a rugged physical rebounder in Evans. Indiana also gains financially in this transaction, taking in less money than is going out and getting $3,000,000 in cash from Minnesota.

    Indiana in this deal gives up on Ford, who hasnt been the defensive answer we needed at the point in my opinion, and gives up Dunleavy, who is sacrificed in this move to save money and get younger.

    WHY FOR PORTLAND: The Blazers have assets, and need to use them to try and get better immediately. In this move they get to improve 2 positions instead of one while not giving up anyone who is in their immediate core. Dunleavy gives them an outside shooter/facilitator at small forward who can fit in to a quality situation in Nate McMillan's offense. In my opinion Dunleavy would space the floor better than other options Portland is looking at, such as Richard Jefferson.

    Miller gives Portland the best of both worlds, a high quality defensive point guard who can step in and start, and if it doesnt work out he is an expiring contract as well.

    The future #1 pick is meaningless to the Blazers, as they can buy a pick almost anytime they want, and Koponon is a nice player but unlikely to ever find room to play on the Blazers deep roster.


    Philadelphia is caught in between being a contender and trying to position themselves for the future. In this season, with Elton Brand hurt they are unlikely to advance far in the playoffs, so they look to the future here slightly in their thinking.

    Andre Miller is older, and a free agent at the end of the year. In this move, the thinking is that they will not resign Miller to the multi year long term contract he is likely to want, so rather than play the free agent game next summer they instead trade for his replacement in TJ Ford, who at 25 years old is a young quality replacement for Miller in the future, with 2 years left on his deal.

    Mike Miller is exactly what Philadelphia has been looking for, which is an outside shooter. Miller fills the role that Kyle Korver did for them, as Philadelphia is one of the worst outside shooting teams in the league, so he fits well for this roster.

    By exchanging Madsen's contract for Reggie Evans, Philadelphia escapes financially with one less year committed to a player who won't help much.

    Philadelphia probably hates giving up Mareese Speights, but with both Dalembert and Brand signed to massive long term deals, it is unlikely Speights sees full playing time when those players are both healthy next year, and while I love Speights personally, it isn't clear whether he will actually pan out to the extent I think he will.


    Minnesota gives up only an unhappy Mike Miller, who is struggling up there anyway. In exchange they get 2 future first round picks, one from Portland this season and one in the future from Indiana. They also save a huge amount of cash due to the insurance payments on Lafrentz (even while sending money to Indiana), and they get out of paying Mark Madsen next year. This also gives them a huge amount of money under the cap immediately, which they could use this summer or save until the summer of 2010 if they like.

    Ok, flame away!

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    Default Re: 4 way action: Indiana, Portland, Philadelphia, Minnesota

    This is one of those deals that makes too much sense. It would probably end up helping every team in the long run but I don't ever see it happening. Also it's a little skewed to us and away from portland. It's good for Minny and Phila equally in the middle.

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    Default Re: 4 way action: Indiana, Portland, Philadelphia, Minnesota

    Pretty solid idea especially for us if we go into rebuild mode. bayless, rush, granger, speights, hibbert, and outlaw is an awesome young core.

    I think Philly gets slightly short changed and Minny gets too much though. A. Miller is a good starting PG plus expiring and Speights is a stud. No way Minny gets two firsts plus a nice expiring for M. Miller.

    Send Portlands first from Minny to Philly and all is fair.

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    Default Re: 4 way action: Indiana, Portland, Philadelphia, Minnesota

    I wouldn't mind this trade, but I doubt Minny would take on 3 PFs while getting rid of one and keeping Jefferson/Love.

    I think this would force us to take a PG in the draft as Bayless is not a point guard (which could work, imo). I would love to see Bayless as 1st or 2nd guard off the bench. Not really sold on Speights, but I think it's worth the gamble.

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    Default Re: 4 way action: Indiana, Portland, Philadelphia, Minnesota

    I normally rip on some of these trade ideas, but I'd love to see this happen. Like someone else said it just makes too much sense for it too happen.

    Besides I get Speights and Shade gets Bayless, how could it fail for the Pacers?

    Outlaw is a nice player who comes off the bench now in Portland, so he could really bolster the 2nd unit. Ah, fantasy dreams.

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