I thought it would be interesting to have a thread about some of the less mainstream sports leagues here that members may like. Everyone likes basketball and football, but what other sports do you watch?

Does anyone have an affinity for the MLS? I love it. The games are cheap, it is fun to watch, and my local team (DC United) have a history of being very competitive. I watch a lot of international soccer as well which is very exciting. World Cup qualifying is going on right now and the next US game is against El Salvador on March 28th. The US beat Mexico very recently.

I also really like the MLB, which at least in every market I have ever lived in is much less popular the college sports, NBA, or NFL. I actually like baseball better than football, which believe it or not is my least favorite sport to watch. MLB was never very popular in Indiana I guess because we don't have a team. Is there anyone on this board who really likes an MLB team or is otherwise a big Indianapolis Indians fan? I know it is weird to consider the MLB a less popular sport but the league polls terribly in the under 35 demographic and is only the most popular sport in a few niche cities like New York and Boston.

I have never gotten into the NHL although the Washington Capitols are very popular here. I cannot name any players they have other than Sergie Federov and Alex Oveztkin (or however you spell it). I don't think I have ever watched more than 5 minutes of an NHL game. I have friends in Indiana however who are really into it.

I also love Atlantic 10 basketball, which is a D1 college conference but rooting for an A10 team is kind of like being a Clippers fan.