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Thread: Fan since 1966

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    Default Fan since 1966

    I use to live down the street from Netolickys restaraunt near meadows shopping center - Followed this team all my life through 20 yrs in the military.
    Now at the age of 55 I still have the same passion to root these guys on and I watch every single game thanks to direct tv.

    I am thankful to this digest as I may now vent on here after each game - watching every turnover by myself certainly creates problems with my heart condition. Recently it seems the entire team needs to go back to the basics on how to make a layup!! drives me crazy.

    when i retire I plan to move back to indy so i can walk from my apartment to Conseco - stop at whitecastle on my way home - those of u that live there dont take those options for granted.


    Terry McCracken

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    Default Re: Fan since 1966

    Pacers, White Castle, watching with a Heart Condition. Solid.

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    My first memory of my father and I doing something together was going to a game their rookie season. It doesn't get any better than that. I also remember stopping at white castle with my uncle and choking down 25, while he gulped down 50, then he took 50 home with him to Columbus. I was sick as dog. Those were good times... good times.

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    Welcks to PDage to ALL!!!

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