chad ford... chat

Cory (Sedona, AZ): Adande mentioned off hand of the Pacers going after Amare... Tell me it's true! We want him gone here, are there peaces in Indiana that us Suns fans would like?

Chad Ford: They and every other team in the league. Amare may be a pain in the butt, but he's a talented pain in the butt. Pacers are one of the few teams that have lots of assets right now. They have expiring contracts, they have a lottery pick, they have young players and they have a few nice role players with decent contracts. They'd be in the running for sure. But so will a lot of teams.

he also mentions the magic having a possibilities of going after tinsley..

IF ONLY AMARE HAD THE MENTALITY OF DANNY......but then again he would not be on the block if he was logical.