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Thread: Kenny Smith gives Nod to Danny Granger on "Inside the NBA"

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    Default Kenny Smith gives Nod to Danny Granger on "Inside the NBA"

    Thought it was interesting enough to mention , but I just was watching NBA on TNT "Inside the NBA" , and Craig Sager , Kenny Smith and Chris Webber were commenting on this Atlanta game.. and They were talking about Joe Johnson, while playing a clip from their last game and Chris said something about Joe Johnson being one of the most underated player in the game... Then Kenny said nah , Joe isn't the most underated , that the MOST underated player in the game is Indiana's Danny Granger...

    Figured you guys would enjoy hearing Danny getting more props from his peers .. ..
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    Default Re: Kenny Smith gives Nod to Danny Granger on "Inside the NBA"

    Yup, Kenny also said that usually he doesn't like All-Stars being chosen from teams with losing records but that Danny Granger should be an exception.

    At this point, I'd be surprised if he didn't make it.
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