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Thread: I had the WORST dream last night

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    Default I had the WORST dream last night

    I had a dream that we for some reason traded JO to like, cleveland or something, and got like 4 players with names like Grushnoivaioil and a low lottery pick in return.

    It was so real, I woke up and the first thing I did was check every sports site I knew of to make sure it wasn't true. I had the whole "wake up in a cold sweat" thing and everything.

    It seriously was freaky Guest Blog Post -- Invading The Target Center Post
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    Default Re: I had the WORST dream last night

    That was no dream.

    'Twas a nightmare.

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    Default Re: I had the WORST dream last night

    I thought that you may have had a dream about Ru-Paul chasing you through up and down the aisles at Conseco Fieldhouse wearing only a baby bonnet too.
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